We got in really late last night so I didn’t notice everything until this morning. But I got a gift bag from Dani full of stationery and office supplies for my cubicle, how thoughtful! Then she wrote me a perfect letter on the best card ever and I think I’m the luckiest girl in the world.


A lesbian relationship isn’t always two hot girls fucking with lacy underwear.

Sometimes it’s two girls throwing socks at each other whilst getting into pyjamas until one girl hits the other in the boob and it’s game over.

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Last few days with my boo-thang.

  • Waking up early tomorrow and going to Bob Evan’s for breakfast, then to Sinclair for an extremely quick meeting, then spending the remainder of the day at King’s Island with my princess and her family.
  • Friday, I work 7-2 then I’m meeting up with Rob to go over our venue proposal. From then, we’re going to Springfield for a not-so-exciting meet up, then spending the evening at the Clark County Fair! Horray for steakburgers and funnel cakes.
  • Saturday I have to work a double and it fucking sucks.
  • Sunday we’re going to church again with granny and out to lunch, and probably shop before my shift… unless I can get it covered… fingers crossed!
  • and Monday is a little heart breaker, I have to take Dani to the airport then be alone for the next like… five months. But at least she’ll have her phone for MCT and MOS school, and I’ll have time to visit, and I’ll get to go to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball, and I’ll stay a busy bee.

I share a birthday with the Marine Corps

Which means that my birthdays from here on will be celebrated at the extremely formal Marine Corps Birthday Ball. This is exciting, but I better get ice cream cake or something every one in a while too.

My tummy is fucked on like ten levels, but I’m going to make this Buffalo Chicken Dip for Kerry’s retirement & not regret a thing.