My babe got squad leader!

She hates it though. (I don’t know if that’s impressive or just a rotation thing) My girlfriend’s platoon is really pathetic, like just can’t get the hang of things, according to her letters. Her last two letters she said she hasn’t received anything from me since last Monday. I write her literally every single day, sometimes twice a day and always include fun stuff for her, like sudoku pages and summaries of our shows. They’re holding her mail from her. She wrote that she knows I’m busy, and she’s still motivated but she straight up begged me to write her, and said that she really needed it and if I could send her pics. I hate that she thinks I’m neglecting her. I hate that they’re doing this, but I know that they need to do whatever it takes to get the platoon into gear. I promised I would write her every day, I hope she’s keeping her head in the right place.

gonna be up all night, not even finished with one project, but i have watched the same movie twice, i’m on my second cup of coffee, laundry is completely finished, i made a full meal for myself, i have written dani a letter and watched one of our shows to send her a summary of it, planned out three different career paths (mma events, music industry, hotel events), had two facebook conversations, one making plans, the other catching up with my pro-mma-fighter buddy, researched internships for the summer or fall, and discovered that i got a scholarship for the summer semester holla

today, i got someone to cover my stay through so i only had to work 4 hours because i have 2 projects and 10 chapters worth of questions to finish by tomorrow but after i got off of work, i ate then went tanning and i’ve been home since 2:30 and had a beer, wrote to my boo and then made a drink and did a ton of laundry and worked out and watched parks and rec and now its 7:20 and i still haven’t done any of this stuff so the moral of the story is probably time management and i make terrible decisions